Over 3300 Vampires were built worldwide and while many survive only an handful still fly today. Waterloo's Mk 55 is a two seat trainer that was developed to teach pilots how to fly first generation jet aircraft. 

The Single seat Vampire was the first jet fighter to serve in the RCAF when 86 were delivered in 1946. Canadian Vampires were all retired by 1958. The Canadian Vampire was flown by the Blue Devils, the aerobatic team of No. 410 "Cougar" Squadron, performing across North America between 1949 and 1951. 

In 2014, the Vampires' restoration was completed, and Waterloo Warbirds has made the Vampire available to the public every summer since. Our Vampire is a Mk 55 an export version of the T11. As a two-seater trainer, the Vampire T11 excelled. The side by side seating ensured both pilots had good visibility. The aircraft's inherent stability and docility also made it a relatively safe and effective platform for instruction. Later, the Vampire provided advanced training and weapons instruction with rockets and bombs fitted under the wing. This compared favourably with the tandem cockpit and completely unarmed Meteor T7.

Our Vampire rolled off the assembly line in October 1958 and entered service with the Swiss Airforce. It is now the only flying vampire in Canada and one of only a handful worldwide. Come out and get a glimpse of early jet aircraft design and hear that distinctive Vampire sound!


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