The Aero L-29 Delfin (dolphin), NATO designation Maya, is Czechoslovakia's first locally designed jet aircraft. It made it's maiden flight in 1959. Production commenced in 1963 and ceased in 1974. This was a very successful design, that became the standard jet trainer for the Eastern Block countries, except Poland. It was also exported to a number of countries. About 3 500 of these jet trainers were built. Soviet Air Force alone obtained more than 2 000. This aircraft is now retired from military service, however it is still popular among civil operators.

The L-29 Delfin is powered by a Czech Motorlet M701 turbojet engine. It was a simple, rugged, easy-to-build, operate and fly aircraft. This trainer could operate from unprepared airfields. It also had an impressive safety record for the type. Both instructor and pilot had ejection seats

Straightforward, rugged and easy to fly, the L-29 was ideal as both a primary jet trainer and as an advanced combat/weapons trainer. Viper North's L-29 is a very impressive aircraft with the upgrade of its engine from the Motorlet to the Rolls Royce Viper. The increase in power has given this aircraft amazingly high performance for its size and weight. One of the the favourites at Waterloo Warbirds, and an excellent aircraft for those wanting to learn or experience Jet Warbirds.


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